To be an event planner to me it means to transform a passion into an outcome. I attempt every projects with the understanding that only a detailed and creative planning should result in a successful engaging event. I’m always looking for an appropriate balance between elegance and creativity, because I strongly believe that an event must be a harmonic combination of ideas and details, always brilliant and never bold. This is the reason why I place great importance on hearing my clients in order to understand and develop their demands on a concrete concept. I’m determined to propose several solutions even to the more discerning request, always keeping budget and high-standards.
I love my land: being an event planner in Sardinia it’s a dream come true. Thanks to my local knowledge I’m able to add value to private and corporate events. Sardinia’s colours and its most beautiful locations will enhance every special occasion.
To organize events in Sardinia is the way myself and my skills will best be expressed, in order to exceed client’s expectations.